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Thursday, June 14, 2012

No route to host error

This is one of the very common problem and at times it can be really irritating since it can be difficult to figure out the problem if you are not experienced user of linux and especially RHEL. Even after using RHEL for more than 2 years I got stuck over this problem for 4-5 hours trying to do everything possible and later realizing that problem was with firewall. Here are few steps which you can do.

1) First of all give ifconfig and check all interfaces and whether they are according to your requirement.
2) Give command #system-config-network and check network configuration
3) Check firewall rules. Disable it using
# service iptables stop

I guess in most of the cases problem must be with firewall. Remember newly installed RHEL does have firewall enabled by default. So that can cause problem if you are not experienced RHEL user.